Creativity Programs


The idea of creativity clusters has been with us since the beginning of time – a group of like minded people who collaborate to increase individual and group prosperity. The Creative Intelligence Lab is a modern model of this ancient tribal approach and the processes and methods we use, such as the Stanford Creativity in Business Leadership Program, are credited with assisting in the formation of Silicon Valley.

This form of design driven strategy provides new economic drivers based a shared Values-Based Learning framework. This strategic intent provides a shaping view based in depth psychology – one in which markets, industries or social groups shift to adapt to the increasing flow of knowledge. The emphasis is on transforming vision into unified action. Using this design-driven approach to innovation collapses traditional business silos – empowering each individual within the cluster to reach maximum potential. Such an approach builds a collaborative network that provides competitive advantage and economic prosperity.

Our multi-cultural methodology is results-based and customer focused – meaning that the needs of all stakeholders are taken into consideration. This is a transformational journey of self-discovery that leads to economic, social and emotional prosperity. Such a journey invites stakeholders to examine their assumptions, seek ways of building new relationships and find solutions to complex problems using creative problem solving and critical thinking.

When times are tough, a unified creative team is an unbeatable force. Whether individual coaching or organizational transformation is needed, we can take you there.