Kenton Hyatt, PhD.

Dr. Hyatt is an expert in human communication including organizational, interpersonal, small group, team and intercultural communication. He is an international facilitator, trainer, executive coach and program designer for personal and organizational development work. His particular areas of expertise include values assessment and development for individuals, teams and organizations; creativity assessment and development, and coaching managers to be coaches. He has published nationally and internationally, and is a co-author of the Values Perspective, an individual and group values assessment survey (more information regarding values can be found at the website for Kairios.

Kenton is experienced in the use of interactive learning methods based on psychological and behavioral assessment integrated with creative methodologies to produce active learning environments which are designed to achieve the results that are best suited for each person, group and organization. He is a trained and accomplished artist in painting, photography, drawing in various media and storytelling. His Imaginalist book blends images and mythology. Between 1997 and 2000, Dr. Hyatt was European Program Director for the Center for Creative Leadership’s Leadership Development Program (recently ranked no. 4 globally by Financial Times).  He also serves as an external reader for Pacifica Graduate Institute dissertations and has been a manuscript reviewer for Pfeiffer publishers.