Ginger Grant, PhD.


Dr. Grant is the founder of the Creative Intelligence Lab and our chief culture officer –  a strategist and organizational designer whose work is grounded in story as a tool for transformation. One of her heroes is Joseph Campbell who helped found the graduate school where she obtained her PhD in mythological studies and depth psychology.  Ginger’s industry background is the world of mergers and acquisitions and her research work resulted in a cultural due diligence system to measure and enhance corporate culture. Her passion and expertise lies in the development of creativity clusters that accelerate innovation. Ginger’s work aims at leveraging the ability of individuals, teams and organizations to uncover untapped potential using design-driven innovation. Author of Re-Visioning the Way We Work, her latest book, Finding Your Creative Core was published in April 2009.  A Professor in Innovation at Sheridan College in Canada and an Associate Professor in Values-Based Leadership at Royal Roads University, Ginger also serves as an special advisor for Innovation Metrics and Customer Experience Councils with the Conference Board of Canada. In her spare time, she is a popular international speaker and a Visiting Professor at the Copenhagen Business School where she teaches talent management, business anthropology and organizational ethnography.

“Ginger Grant is an inspiring and engaging speaker. She offers a leading edge presentation and is able to captivate the audience with her knowledge, charisma and presentation style. She is passionate about her topics and consistently reveals thought leadership in the areas she speaks about.” Andrew Pender, Senior Manager, Conference Board of Canada

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